5 Micron Sediment Filter Culligan Replacement Omnipure 1293493

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Culligan Compatible 5 Micron Sediment Filter RO Prefilter for Culligan Home RO Systems

Keep your RO System working at optimum performance and extend the life of the membrane by replacing pre-filters regularly. Sediment filters remove sand, dirt, and fine particles from the water, protecting the membrane element and all downstream equipment.

Sediment filter cartridge replacements intended for use in existing Culligan home point of use reverse osmosis systems.   Replaces filter models:  CUL-SED5, S7011C, S7011-C, RS-23-SED, RS-23-SED-5, RS-23-SED5, 00-4015-38, 00-0001-20, 00-4412-75, Pentek 255824-43, FI-S-7011


Culligan 5M Replacemet Sediment Filters Manufactured by Omnipure Filter Company.

Omnipure Filter Company

Specifications for Culligan 5M Filter Replacement
AMI Model Number: CULLIGAN 5M
Omnipure Part Number: 1293493
Alternative Part Number: RS-23-SED
Filtration: 5 Micron Sediment Filtration
Service Flow Rate: 0.75 GPM (2.8 LPM)
Maximum Pressure: 125 PSIG
Operating Temperature: 35-100°F (2-38°C)
Compatible with RO Systems:
Culligan AC15
Culligan AC30
Culligan LC50
Culligan H-5
Culligan H-53
Culligan H-83
Culligan H-83S-R
Culligan H30S-R
Culligan H-30PRV-C
Culligan CTA-14S
Culligan CTA-3


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