5" Slimline Filter Housing, Blue/Black, 3/8" in/out

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Manufacturer Pentek Ametek


Ametek/Pentek Filter Housings

Filter Housings for Ametek/Pentek filters, Omnipure, Cuno, KX filters, Harmsco, Carbon Filters, Sediment Filters, DI Cartridges, Membrane Cleaning Cartridges, Other Purpose Filters and Water Filtration Cartridges. Reverse Osmosis Systems Components

5" Slimline Ametek/Pentek Filter Housing (2½" Dia. Filter) with Pressure Relief

Ametek/Pentek Model Number:


Filter Housing Body Color: Blue
Filter Housing Cap Color: Black
In/Out Connection: 3/8"
Pressure Relief: YES
Length: 5"
Diameter Style: Standard

**The Pentek/Ametek 158002 is a Filter Housing featuring 3/8" FPT. The 158002 takes 5" filters and is used in reverse osmosis systems and other water treatment applications.