3/8" Bulkhead Union Jaco Threaded Fittings

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Jaco Threaded Compression Fittings

JACO fittings feature a molded ferrule as an integral part of the nut, eliminating the need for a two-piece assembly. These are engineered with plastic grippers best for use with plastic tubing.

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Specifications for Jaco Union Elbow

Jaco Part #: 15-6-P-O
Type: Bulkhead Union
Connections: 3/8"T x 3/8" Tube
Angle: Straight

Benefits of Jaco Threaded Compression Fittings

  • Nylon has good resistance to organic solvents, oils and gasoline.
  • Good strength at high temperatures. Material rating: -40° to 200°F. Cold and hot-water applications.
  • Longtime weathering resistance.
  • Good impact resistance, both single and repeated.
  • Good electrical insulating qualities which eliminate electrolytic action that usually corrodes tubing when dissimilar metal meets a fitting.
  • The ability to absorb mechanical and acoustical vibrations because of the low density and softness of plastic.
  • An inherently low resistance to flow, due to smooth internal surface.
  • A resistance to scale buildup.
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